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Increasing Safety in the Canadian North
Benchmark Data Solutions was originally founded with the goal of increasing safety in the remote Canadian north. Large scale operations in Canada’s rural areas are inherently dangerous. Oftentimes, workers find themselves hundreds of kilometers and hours away from medical assistance. Because of this, ensuring proper safety at all times is vital.

However, anyone who has worked in one of the many industries we service knows that accidents and emergencies often occur through no one’s fault. Sometimes, awareness and risk reduction simply aren’t enough. In such harsh climates, weather conditions alone can create serious situations.

Thankfully, communication goes beyond merely increasing productivity. We pride ourselves on knowing that our communication services are the main lifeline for workers who find themselves in need of help. This is why we ensure that our products are tested, so that our clients can rely on them when they are needed the most. We also ensure that our clients know exactly how our products and services can help them during emergency situations.

Furthermore, if your equipment happens to fail, our 24 hour support staff will begin fixing the problem right away. Because our products are so vital to ensuring safety on-site, we guarantee to have a solution for your problem within the next day.

Safety Accreditations


Our commitment to safety goes beyond helping our clients; we also make safety a priority within our own operations as well. Over the years, we’ve been recognized for our commitment to safety by numerous organizations. We’ve received a Small Employer Certificate of Accreditation from the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships for our safety based training and expertise. We bring this knowledge and expertise to every job we complete by putting the well being of our clients and employees first.

We are also certified by the Alberta Department of Human Services and ensure compliance with all safety regulations through ComplyWorks contractor management support software. We are also a verified ISNetworld contractor. By making these accreditations and continuing education a priority, we’ve developed a culture of safety and preparedness within our company.

While our commitment to safety is vital to the well being of our own employees, the benefits permeates to our clients as well. When it comes to testing your products, our employees never skip steps or take the easy way out. You take the safety of your employees seriously, and you can rely on us to do the same. Contact us today and learn how our commitment to safety can help you!

Workers Compensation Board # 402083/8 Industry Code 62300
ComplyWorks Subscriber #: 1032683
Certificate # 20140814-SE6052
Isnetworld Company ID # 400-136953

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