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Communications for Construction Sites

Over the years, we’ve realized that there is no one sized fits all approach to rural construction communication solutions. Construction crews can be assigned to a single site thousands of kilometers from the nearest town or be a mobile crew constructing a pipeline through some of Canada’s harshest landscapes. That’s why we here at Benchmark Data Solutions offer flexible, contract-free, and personalized packages to suit the needs of every construction site. Our construction services focus on two primary areas.



External Communication:

Oftentimes, the biggest challenge faced by remote construction crews is meeting deadlines. Reliable communication is key to getting things done on time. Shipments to remote areas are exponentially more difficult to arrange and require dependable and consistent communication. Without proper communication channels, your crew may be sitting idly waiting for materials.

Thankfully, our rural communication services allow you to easily communicate with contractors and suppliers throughout the world. We offer a variety of solutions, such as mobile communication towers for fixed sites and automatic aiming satellites for mobile crews. Whether you’re just outside cellular range or hours from the nearest glimpse of civilization, we’ll ensure you’re connected to the outside world.

Internal Communication:

Construction crews also require full-service internal remote communication solutions. Crews on the ground must stay in constant contact with site supervisors to ensure that operations run smoothly. To meet these needs, Benchmark Data Solutions offers wireless intercom and two way radio services. Our intercom systems are truly mobile and can be easily moved from worksite to worksite. Furthermore, our heavy-duty two way radios come equipped with extended life batteries, gang charging, and more.


High Speed Internet

Despite your location, we can offer high-speed Wi-Fi to every member of your crew. Our fully managed internet services provide speeds of up to 1 Gig for high-quality streaming and video calls.

TV Service

We work with TV providers to offer up to 72 premium channels, Pay-Per-View, and more to help boost employee morale. With our TV services, you can provide up to 1,000 employees with their own personal TVs.

Cellular Communication

Being away from family and friends for an extended period of time can quickly drain even hardest working crew member. We offer a wide variety of options, including cellular repeaters and mobile communication towers, to ensure that your crew can stay in constant contact with their loved ones back home.

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