Cellular Repeaters

Everything You Need for Powerful Cellular Signals

Cellular repeaters, or signal boosters, are an easy and cost-effective way to boost signal strength in extremely remote areas. At Benchmark Data Solutions, we offer three types of cellular repeaters that offer powerful signal boosting technology, even in Canada’s harshest environments. When used in conjunction with our mobile communication towers, our cellular repeaters allow users to boost cellular signals indoors and outdoors with ease.

95 db Gain Repeaters

Perfect for large operations and drilling camps, our 95 db gain repeaters are strong enough to pick up and boost signals as far away as 70 kilometers. These high-powered devices are often used to boost signals originating from camps to work sites, such as oil rigs and drilling platforms. This allows camp operators to keep in constant contact with personnel on the ground through cellular and two way radio communications. Our heavy duty repeaters are also tested to withstand frigid temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius, making them the most reliable repeaters on the market. These rugged repeaters are available for rent in 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies.

Automatic 80 db Gain Repeaters

Easily portable, our 80 db gain repeaters pick up and boost the faintest cellular signals with ease. With an automatic repeater, you’ll never again have to worry about struggling to find the correct gain strength after a move. Thanks to the Automatic Gain Detection technology, these lightweight repeaters are excellent for mobile operations, such as resource exploration and emergency response teams. Our 80 db Gain Repeaters are available in 850MHz, 1900MHz, and dual band frequencies.

55-85 db Gain Indoor Repeaters

Oftentimes, cellular signals in remote areas have trouble penetrating through thick building walls or reaching internal rooms without windows. Thankfully, our much smaller 55-85 db gain repeaters are specially designed to boost cellular signals in areas such as living quarters and lunchrooms. These easily installed repeaters are available in 850MHz, 1900MHz, dual band and all band frequencies; making them perfect for any size operation.

Everything You Need for Powerful Cellular Signals

 Our cellular repeater packages come with all of the cables, antennas, and mounting hardware you need for an easy set up. We provide simple to follow instructions so your repeaters will be up and functioning in no time. If you need a cellular repeater for your remote operation, contact Benchmark Data Solutions today. We offer a variety of strengths and frequencies and would love to help you find the one that’s perfect for your needs.

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