Television, Internet Services and Communications for Resorts

Remote Communications and Internet Services for Resorts

Northern Canada is home to numerous resorts and lodges. Travelers come from all across the world to relax or play in our beautiful wilderness. However, simply because they want a slice of the great north doesn’t mean they won’t demand some basic amenities. Benchmark Data Solutions can offer your small lodge or large resort with a number of remote communication systems. From television to high speed internet, our services will ensure that your guests are happy and safe during their stay. We regularly equip resorts with the following services.

Television Services

To help ensure that guests are comfortable during their stay, resorts operators want to provide them with as many amenities as possible. However getting quality, cable television in remote areas that are cut-off from cable-grids is no easy task.

Benchmark Data Solutions works closely with TV service providers to provide cable service to remote Canadian resorts. We can provide your guests with over 72 fully-digital channels, Pay-Per-View, guide features, and more. We offer reliable digital television connections for anywhere from 1 to 1,000 televisions, meaning we can outfit everything from small lodges to major resorts.

Managed Internet Services

Reliable, high-speed internet is yet another amenity that guests will expect during their stay in your remote resort. With no access to built in physical broadband connections, finding affordable internet connection in remote areas can be near impossible. Thankfully, Benchmark Data Solutions offers completely managed high-speed internet services that can easily cover entire resorts. Our internet services offer speeds of up to 1 Gig through Wi-Fi, and all of our equipment is guaranteed with our next-day replacement policy, so outages will never ruin your guests’ stay.


Keeping guests safe in case of emergencies is a unique challenge for remote lodges and resorts. If your remote communication systems fail, you and your guests will be stranded and in case of an emergency, it could take hours to reach help. This is especially true for hunting or ski lodges that take guests out on day-trips or excursions. That’s why remote resorts should always have a backup remote communication system on hand. RoamerX is the perfect option.

The RoamerX is a self-contained, easily portable device that provides unlimited high-speed internet and cellular calling. The RoamerX is perfect for emergency situations because it is small enough to be stored in vehicles or small rooms. Take it with you on outings or store it away incase of emergencies. With the RoamerX, you can ensure that you and your guests are always connected to help.

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