Drilling Communications

The Most Trusted Remote Communication Provider in Canada

Managing a drilling operation is no easy task. Personnel working in remote, hostile environments need to constantly communicate with camp operators and experts back at headquarters. When so much is on the line, ineffective or unreliable communication systems can cause millions of dollars in losses or even lives.

At Benchmark Data Solutions, our roots trace back to the oil and gas industries. We’ve developed packages tailor made to meet the challenges created by the harsh environment of rural Canada. Our remote communication systems allow employees to work quicker, safer, and more effectively. We continually test all of our equipment to ensure that it works when you need it most. Some services we often provide to remote drilling stations are:

Two Way Radio Communication

Effective rig communication starts with the personnel on the ground and two way radios keep them informed. We offer VHF and UHF radio systems that allow users to access private and public channels. Our radio systems utilize high-powered, extra life batteries to ensure that they last the entire day. We also offer extras such as leather holster, gang chargers, and spare batteries. Your rig personnel will be in constant communication with our lightweight and heavy-duty two way radio systems.

Wireless Rig intercom Systems

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your personnel, intercom systems are vital. Our phone based systems are the most reliable available and offer unlimited intercom connections. Best yet, they are completely cable and antenna free. The intercom systems can easily be moved from place to place without specialized tools or knowledge making them truly portable.

Mobile Communication Towers

If radio communication systems alone aren’t enough, our telecom-grade radio communication towers offer everything a remote operation could possibly need. Our towers range from 10 to 106 feet tall to satisfy the needs of even the largest drilling rigs. They are quick to setup and support a variety of communication services.

Cellular Repeaters

If your drilling operations take you out into the vast wilderness or just outside of the cellular networks, a cellular repeater may be your solution. Essentially a signal booster, our repeaters work in conjunction with our mobile communication towers or existing cellular networks. They are specifically designed to withstand the harsh Canadian environment and come in a variety of frequencies and configurations, including 3g and LTE services.

If you’re starting a new drilling operation or if your current communication system simply isn’t doing the job, contact us today to see why we’re the most trusted remote communication provider in Canada!

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