Working Alongside Government since 1998

At Benchmark Data Solutions, we offer flexible rentals on a variety of remote communication solutions to regional and local governments. Whether government agencies need to equip an entire fleet of construction vehicles with communication technology, or simply want reliable backup communication systems, we have the right equipment available. We’ve been outfitting various local and regional governments with remote communication equipment since 1998 and are familiar with their unique needs.

Emergency Response

Disasters are unpredictable in the rural Canadian north. The only real solution is to have effective mechanisms in place so you can quickly and efficiently respond to any situation. If reliable communication systems aren’t available, first responders will be cut off from much needed communion while in-route or on scene.

Sometimes however, an emergency may call for a larger response than local governments can handle. When that’s the case, Benchmark Data Solutions can rapidly set-up and deliver remote communication equipment in a moment’s notice. When lives are on the line, government agencies can trust that our rental equipment will be maintained, ready, and reliable.


When compared to private construction companies, local and regional governments often face stricter safety requirements and lower budgets when it comes to remote communication. At Benchmark, we share the government’s same commitment to safety. That’s why we thoroughly maintain our equipment and only rent devices designed with safety in mind. Furthermore, our flexible daily and monthly rental rates are perfect for government agencies working with tight budgets. Whether beginning a large, long term project or a simple construction job, Benchmark Data Solutions has the right equipment for you.

Two Way Radios

Our stockpile of two way radios can be quickly setup for immediate use. All of our radios are certified intrinsically safe, meaning they can be utilized in the most dangerous and hazardous environments. Our rentals also include all the necessary accessories, including belts, holsters, and extra batteries.

Automatic Aiming Satellite Services

Canadians know that the remote north is a dangerous place to be without some type of cellular communication. Whether you’re a first responder or simply passing through, it’s important to stay connected. While normal satellites require you to stop and re-aim your satellite when you need to communicate, our automatic aiming satellites enable you to stay connected while in transit. Our automatic aiming satellites can be quickly installed during emergency situations.


The RoamerX is the must-have remote communication device for first responders and local governments. High speed internet in a box, the RoamerX offers unlimited data and calling anywhere in the world. If communication systems are down or you have to venture off into Canada’s vast unknown, the RoamerX will keep you connected and safe every step of the way.

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