Wireless Rig Intercoms

The perfect solution for all your rig and remote communication needs.

Wireless Rig Intercoms

Our top of the line wireless rig intercoms are the perfect solution for all your rig and remote communication needs. At Benchmark, we’ve been working closely with the oil and gas industry since 1998. Our intercoms have been tried and tested by our clients over the years, which is how we know that they are the most secure, reliable, lightweight, and safest intercoms available on the market today. Our intercoms exceed Class 1, Division 2 codes and are fully FCC and CRTC complaint. Our intercoms offer:

Unrivaled Security

With other wireless intercom systems, you never know who may be listening in. When valuable or sensitive information is being shared, you want to ensure that your communication is protected. That’s why all of our wireless rig intercoms are fully encrypted for the utmost security and privacy.

Unparalleled Safety

Lightweight, small, and reliable, our handsets are some of the safest models available today. Utilizing explosion-proof technology, our wireless rig intercoms are certified safe for use in areas with open fuel sources. This makes our intercoms the safest choice for those who work in the oil and gas industry.

Unlimited Capacity

While other wireless intercom systems limit the number of connections you can have, our intercom systems have an unlimited handset and phone capacity. Whether you want two handsets or two hundred, our wireless rig intercoms can fulfill your needs while maintaining quality connectivity.

Entire System Portability

Our wireless rig intercoms were specifically designed with portability in mind. Not only are the handsets lightweight, but the entire wireless intercom system can be moved from one operation to the next. There is absolutely no need for changes after the initial setup is completed by Benchmark crew. Simply pack them up and get going.

Affordable and Flexible Rentals

Even though our wireless rig intercoms can be easily transferred from rig to rig, you’ll never have to enter a long-term contract. We offer flexible rental terms and are sure we can find the right agreement for you. Even so, we value long-term relationships with our customers. Therefore, we offer competitive and fair rates on all of our rental equipment. Contact us today to see how simple, renting from Benchmark can be!

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