The Ultimate Solution For High Speed Internet On the Go

At Benchmark Data Solutions, we are proud to offer our clients the cutting edge technology found inside the RoamerX remote communication system. Years of research and development has helped the RoamerX develop into one of the easiest to use and smallest remote communication solutions available on the market. With RoamerX from Benchmark Data Solutions, you can access high speed wireless internet virtually anywhere on the planet with daily or monthly rental rates.

The Most Portable Remote Communication System on the Market

A product of modern engineering, the RoamerX offers high speed cellular internet in a portable box that’s light enough to carry in one hand. Simply plug your devices into the system or use the built in Wi-Fi to access high speed internet in places that data and cellular service simply can’t reach. The lightning fast internet speeds make RoamerX perfect for uploading photos and placing video calls.

Plug and Play

The RoamerX is truly a “plug and play” device. This means that’s it’s ready to go the minute you receive it. Furthermore, it’s simple to use and requires virtually no setup. It also comes equipped with its own local phone number allowing for unlimited calls from even the most remote areas in Canada. If you have more than one device, the RoamerX also serves as a wireless router enabling download and upload speeds of up to 40 Mbps through Wi-Fi.

Backup Remote Communication

Even if your large scale operation requires more power than the RoamerX can offer, it’s commonly used as a backup communication system. The stand alone RoamerX is the perfect solution for when your main communication channels are down or unreliable. Store it away for emergencies and rest easy knowing you’re always connected.

Serving Industries Throughout Canada

Because of it’s uniquely portable design, the RoamerX has been used by a multitude of industries throughout Canada. The RoamerX is trusted by industries such as:

Contact Benchmark Today for Unlimited Remote Calling

Every RoamerX we rent comes with free local and long-distance calling included in the price, so you’ll never have to worry about keeping calls short. RoamerX also comes with an unlimited data plan so you can put your high speed connection to use without worrying about overages. Contact Benchmark Data Solutions today and see just how affordable and practical a RoamerX remote communication solution can be!

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