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Communication Solutions for the Mining Industry

Whether you’re exploring for resources or running a full-scale mining operation, effective communication in remote areas is key. The mining industry is unique because it requires data-heavy programs and technologies that encumber traditional remote communication solutions.

Benchmark Data Solutions offers the same level of reliability and performance on site that the mining industry expects at their home headquarters. Furthermore, our systems offer top of the line performance. They are easily able to handle the stress and demands of a modern mining operation.


Mining is an inherently dangerous industry, but with modern technology, risks can be significantly reduced. Our on-site communication systems allow your headquarters and site managers to be in constant communication with personnel on the ground. Our extensive and reliable systems mean that you can take a preventative approach to site safety and be ready in case of emergencies.


We understand that the modern mining industry requires global collaboration. Thankfully, even Canada’s most remote areas are no match for our technologies. Our satellite connection services and mobile communication towers will keep you in constant contact with buyers around the globe. Even mobile exploration crews can stay connected with our automatic aiming satellite technology.

But our services don’t stop there. We also provide on-site communication services such as intercom and two way radio systems. Keep track of your personnel on the ground and ensure that they are safe and up to date with latest information.


An effective mining operation starts and ends with the personnel on the ground. Being situated in the most remote areas of Canada, keeping morale high for mining crews is a constant challenge. When doing everything you can to make sure their quality of life as high as possible, consider the role that communication can play.

Our high speed internet services support VOIP, which enables your personnel to make high-quality video and voice calls back home to their loved ones. We also offer complete TV service with up to 72 channels, pay-per view, and more. With our fully digital TV service, your personnel can stay up to date with the latest news and enjoy their time off.

Our technicians regularly equip mining operations with the following communication services:

Automatic Aiming Satellite Communication

TV Services

So what are you waiting for. See how Benchmark can help your Mining project, go without a hitch.

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