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Guaranteed Quality Without A Contract
Situated in the heart of Canada’s oil reserves, we here at Benchmark Data Solutions are familiar with the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. We understand that oil and gas workers often find themselves situated in some of Canada’s most inhospitable areas. One of the greatest challenges of working in areas such as Alberta is limited access to internet and communication services. However, keeping personnel safe and operations running smoothly takes a reliable and comprehensive remote communication system.

To combat this problem, we’ve developed remote communication packages specifically designed to cater to the needs of oil and gas camp operators. Our camp communications services are easily installed and have flexible terms. We offer the following oil and gas camp communication services.

Managed Internet Services

We outfit entire camps with up to 1 Gig of reliable cellular, satellite, or fixed wireless internet services. Our internet services are dependable enough to get the job done and fast enough for personal use as well. Users can easily view online content through popular streaming providers such as Netflix and YouTube. To make things easier on you, all hardware is remotely managed by our trained staff.

Wireless Intercom Services

Our top of the line wireless intercom services allow your camp to instantly communicate with an unlimited number of users. Our wireless handset and phones are specially designed to be secure, tough, and portable. They even function as wireless Wi-Fi hotspots. Additionally, our intercom hardware requires no clunky cables or antennas and the entire system is easily portable.

Cellular Repeaters

The vast Canadian wilderness presents a significant challenge for most cellular signals; thankfully, our cellular repeaters are the most powerful on the market and make even the faintest signal reliable. Our single, dual, and multiband signal boosters provide up to 95 dBm gain for WCBMA and LTE cellular service.

Mobile Communication Towers

Even the most remote areas are no match for our mobile communication towers. We have the largest supply of mobile communication towers in Canada, all of which can easily be set up in as little as 2 hours. With multiple sizes and uses, we guarantee to have the right tower for you.

TV Services

Life can get secluded in the remote Canadian north. Thankfully, you’re able to keep in touch and stay entertained with our full-scale TV services. We offer up to 72 channels, Pay-Per-View, and many other features for your rural camp. Whether you need to connect one TV or one-thousand, we have the capacity to fulfill your needs.

Guaranteed Quality Without a Contract

 With Benchmark Data Solutions, you’ll never be locked into a contract. Best yet, all of our products and services are backed by our 24-hour a day support staff and next day system replacement in the event of a failure. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality and effective remote communication solutions. So if you’re not happy, we will fix it right away.

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