Emergency Response

We’re Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Communications for Emergency Response

It’s impossible to know when a disaster might strike. Whether it be a workplace accident or natural disaster, the unforgiving Canadian wilderness makes responding to emergencies uniquely difficult. Without reliable communication systems, emergency response teams won’t have access to much needed information that may be rapidly changing. In these critical times, ineffective or non-existent communication channels may be the difference between life and death.

To solve this problem, first responders need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to a wide variety of emergencies situations. This includes having reliable rural communication systems in place at a moment’s notice. At Benchmark Data Solutions, we’ve been supplying public and private emergency response teams with dependable communication solutions since 1998. Our mobile communication systems are easy to set up and can instantly provide emergency response teams with the information they need. We provide the following communication systems to emergency responders:

Automatic Aiming Satellite Services

In rural areas, one of the biggest challenges is simply getting to the scene. When travel can take hours, it’s important that emergency responders are constantly receiving up to date information about what to expect when they arrive on scene. Our compact automatic aiming satellites easily attach to mobile response vehicles to provide them with data and VOIP services. The automated technology means that your vehicles can move freely without losing satellite connection even in the most rural Canadian areas.


Our RoamerX system is perfect for small scale and rapid emergency response operations, such as search and rescue. RoamerX provides high speed cellular internet in a portable, easy to use box. This system is easily stored in first responder vehicles and will keep them in constant contact, even in the extreme Canadian north. Once you arrive on scene, RoamerX can be carried with you to provide Wi-Fi speeds of up to 40 Mbps.

Mobile Communication Towers

For large scale operations in Canada’s rural north that may take weeks or months, such as disaster clean up, our mobile communication towers are the perfect solution. With the largest fleet of telecom-grade towers, Benchmark Data Solutions can provide an entire camp with cellular and data service. Also, when there’s no time to waste, our towers can be set up in as little as two hours so first responders can immediately get to work. Our mobile communication towers are also compatible with our two way radio systems and can be used as cellular signal boosters.

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