Reliable Remote Communications Solutions

Benchmark Data Services provides dependable remote communication solutions to the oil and gas industry through all stages, from exploration to well completion. The well completion stage in particular, heavily depends on a reliable communication network. The completion stage involves a complicated process that ultimately makes the well ready for oil production. This is a highly technical process that requires constant monitoring and numerous software systems.

When working in rural Canada, the reliable internet connection needed for software to effectively monitor processes and communicate with operators is not readily available. Thankfully, Benchmark Data Services has the hardware and services to handle all well completion processes. Our high-speed Wi-Fi internet services allow operators to monitor well operations in real time. Listed below are some services we commonly provide to the well completion industry

Managed Internet Services

We understand that during well completion, internet outages can cause serious damage when operators are unable to communicate with their equipment. With our managed internet services, we constantly monitor your connection and ensure no problems will arise. Before the personnel arrive and the rig is fully functional, we can situate your camp with up to 1 Gig of internet service.

Our systems are also quickly installed to help ensure that your well is producing as soon as possible. Finally, our managed internet services also come equipped with Wi-Fi so you won’t be limited by physical connections. When you trust our managed internet services, you can focus on what really matters, getting your well producing.


If your well completion operation is in need of a smaller internet system or is simply at the beginning states, RoamerX is the choice for you. Our RoamerX system offers true, high-speed cellular internet in a small, easily portable box. No matter where your well completion project is located, RoamerX can provide you with an instant Wi-Fi internet connection of up to 40 Mbps.

SatCell Hybrid System

The pinnacle of remote communication solutions, our SatCell Hybrid System offers high speed internet and cellular connection that is guaranteed never to cut out. Best yet, both the internet and cellular systems are fully managed by the Benchmark Data Solutions team to ensure reliability.

Overall, the SatCell Hybrid System is the best option for well completion projects because of its 100% reliability and extensive broadband capacity. The data heavy monitoring software and processes that are required for well completion will never slow down or clog up the SatCell Hybrid System.

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