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Remote Communication Rentals For the Film Industry

Remote Communications for the Film Industry

The scenery of northern Canada attracts countless movie crews every year with its majestic scenery and unique landscape. Many film crews, however, fail to realize that such remote areas are often cut off from the world. Whether organizing a large movie production or simply filming a small, mobile documentary, Benchmark Data Solutions has the remote communication equipment to keep you and your crew safe. We frequently provide the following remote communication rentals to those in the film industry.

Mobile Communication Towers

Mobile communication towers are standalone devices that emit cellular signals to connect you to major cellular grids. With a mobile communication tower, you can have access to cellular, data, and more with ease. If you plan on organizing a medium to long-term movie operation in remote Canada, a mobile tower is a necessity.

At Benchmark Data Solutions, we own the largest fleet of mobile communication towers in Canada. Our telecom-grade towers are available in a variety of sizes to suit any size movie set. All of our towers can be easily towed with a half-ton trailer and our unguyed towers can be set up in as little as two hours.


A must have in the remote Canadian north, the RoamerX is a tiny, portable box that provides access to high-speed Wi-Fi internet and unlimited calling. A plug-and-play device, there is virtually no setup required. Simply carry it with you, and you’ll have a constant connection with speeds of up to 40 mbps.

The RoamerX is perfect for small scale movie operations or filming with small, mobile crews in remote areas. Because of its versatility, it’s also commonly used as a backup remote communication device. Simply store it away in case your main communication systems fail.

Cellular Repeaters

Often times, movie producers find themselves working just outside cellular range. If that’s the case, a cellular repeater, or booster, may be the solution you’re looking for. We offer numerous sizes and strengths of cellular repeaters, some of which can pick up signals as far away as 70 kilometers. Additionally, if you’re filming just outside the range of your mobile communication tower, a cellular repeater can easily extend the signal and your operating range.

Two Way Radios

Movie sets are hectic places. Trying to organize hoards of people and ensure everything happens on time is a challenge without a reliable cellular signal. Thankfully, there’s an affordable alternative. Our massive supply of two way radios can outfit even the largest movie sets. With no limit to the amount of radios that can be connected, you can ensure that everyone on your set is up to date and informed. Our two way radios are durable, lightweight, and available for daily or monthly rental.

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