Advances in technology have completely revolutionized every aspect of modern life, including the ways in which we communicate and do business. Communication is now faster and more efficient than ever before, allowing even those living and working in remote areas to stay connected.

Communication is an essential aspect of any business’s day-to-day operations. Remote construction sites and camps often require different IT business solutions than traditional offices, due to their isolated locations. As such, the mobile communication systems used often require specialized equipment. Having the proper equipment is crucial to proper remote camp setup.

For example, having a mobile communication tower onsite is a tremendous advantage. These towers are often used in a variety of mobile communication systems. Mobile communication towers allow workers to deliver vital information from one party to another, as well as stay in touch with family members. Additionally, these towers are often utilized during emergency relief situations, or set up as a temporary solution while communication in an affected area is re-established. This is just one example of many different data solutions for remote camps and construction sites that expedite communication efforts.

The mobile satellite communications industry continues to grow, as businesses expand to remote territories. Between 2008 and 2013, the U.S. satellite telecommunications industry grew an estimated 3.4% per year. In addition, the satellite telecommunications industry generates a whopping $6 billion in revenue annually, and employs an estimated 14,301 workers.

Working in an area where communication signals are weak can be especially difficult. Clear communication not only increases workplace productivity, but also promotes a safe working environment as well as ensuring business operations and transactions continue to run smoothly.