Cellular repeaters (also known as wireless cellular signal boosters) are some of the most important equipment that rigs and camps can have, especially in remote areas and areas that experience extreme weather conditions. Similar to the use of a broadcast towers, cellular repeaters are used to boost the cell phone reception to a local area, so if you find that cellular service is lacking in the area that your camp is in, now is the time to invest in a cellular repeater.

Benchmark Data Solutions offers three of the industry’s best cellular repeaters to our customers. One of our most popular repeaters is the TELCOSAT RPT-900. This signal booster has extremely high signal sensitivity and long range, capable of picking up cellular signals at a distance of 70 km and over. This repeater is also fully weatherproof and tested in severe weather conditions, at temperatures as low as -45c. The repeater is available in both 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. Benchmark Data Solutions offers all necessary antennas, cables and brackets in the rental package to ensure that all your needs are covered.

Don’t be caught on site with no cell coverage, contact Benchmark Data Solutions today at 403-590-9101 to order your cellular repeater.