With advances being made to technology and the digital world every day, some tools are becoming more advanced and easier to use, while others are slow to keep up. Cell phones are widely known as being the tool that people simply cannot live without. Many people didn’t have a cell phone for many years, and now it is the one thing that people cannot leave the house without. It is often hard to keep up with new technology advances, especially in the world of cell phones. Satellite phones have lasted without any major technological advances and have often been a go-to use of communication where cell towers and signal are scarce. While there is definitely still a need and a market for satellite phones, especially in remote areas, mobile communication towers are making cell phones the first choice for communication in remote areas. It seems that most everyone has a smartphone (Blackberry, or iPhone) or a superphone (Android models), which are complete with internet, email and social media capabilities, making it easier than ever for people to communicate with one another in various ways.

Mobile communication towers are decreasing the need for satellite phones. With new cell phone technologies constantly advancing; while new advances for satellite phones have been slow to come, yet are still effective for most companies’ uses.

Benchmark Data Solutions offers both satellite phone solutions, and mobile communication towers for cell phone and internet usage that best suit your needs.