Without a doubt, communication is the most important aspect of the world today. Without it, nothing would happen; businesses would not be able to operate, people wouldn’t be able to get in touch with one another, and the safety of job sites would be in jeopardy. In Alberta’s oil and gas industry, communication is the single most important tool in getting the job done safely and efficiently. Workers on the oil rigs or living in the camps need to be able to communicate with the company that owns the site, and the engineers that complete the job. Benchmark Data Solutions provides Canada’s leading communication solutions, including mobile communication towers.

These towers can be set up in as little as half an hour, take up minimal space as they do not require guy-wires and they provide the work sites with valuable cell phone and internet signal that enable the workers to have reliable coverage even in the most extreme heat, or bitter cold. The last thing that companies need is to lose communication capabilities with the location in the middle of a frac, in an emergency or even during downtime when workers want to simply communicate with their families.

Setting up a mobile communication tower will not only minimize downtime on the site, they will also have an effect on the increase in production, minimize costs and ensure the safety of the workers onsite. Rig workers will no longer have to go wandering from the campsite in search of a cell phone signal to talk to their families, or spend weeks at a time with no email or any communication with the outside world. As most operators know, happy workers means a happy worksite, which can directly contribute to the success of the site and the owning company’s overall profit.